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Balloons To Be Flown Over Puerto Rico By Google

With the island’s communication systems still in disorder from Hurricane Maria, Google has stepped in to lend a hand.  Google will be attempting to use solar-powered Internet Transmitting Balloons to provide emergency phone reception....


How to Work your Mac Security.

Apple’s Iphone Celebrated its 10th anniversary, so I’ve decided to articles, focusing on Apple’s product. I hope you will enjoy these, readers. So, how exactly you work security on your Mac, here is how....


Reinventing The Server

At the recently concluded South Asia Dell Enterprise Forum (DEFSA), Dell unveiled a series of 13th Generation PowerEdge servers, designed to help customers worldwide address and optimise the evolving spectrum of application and workload...


Three in talks to purchase 02

Following BT’s announcement (see below) it will acquire EE, the UK’s largest network, it seems that more moves in the telecom industry are poised. Telefónica, which owns O2, has confirmed it has entered into...